Together for Ealing's Children and young people

The Young Ealing Foundation is an independent registered charity established in 2017.

We connect and equip grassroots youth charities, supporters and decision makers, to open up a brighter future for Ealing’s children and young people.




We are independent and impartial of any local or national priorities and are leD purely by the needs of our members


Our staff are experienced, approachable and focused, and can provide the expertise and support most needed by our members


We are thought leaders in the sector, are not afraid to lead from the front and respond quickly and decisively in times of crisis


We model and promote genuine partnership working, and contribute to a strong, non-competitive and cohesive sector


  • Elly Heaton
    Elly Heaton
    Chief Executive Officer

    Elly has a wide range of management experience across the public, private and third sector. She joined the Young Ealing Foundation in March 2018 because she wanted to lead a place-based organisation that has equality for children and young people at its heart.

    With expertise in youth work, communications, fundraising and strategic development, Elly’s passion is for affecting positive change for children and young people, by supporting grassroots service providers to be strong and sustainable. She hopes that by ensuring strong governance in grassroots organisations, building partnerships across and within the sector, and increasing funding, children in young people in Ealing will all have the opportunity to have healthy, happy and save lives.

  • Tanya Taylor
    Tanya Taylor
    Marketing and Communications Manager

    Tanya has extensive experience in grass-roots campaigning at a local level in Ealing and joined The Young Ealing Foundation in July 2019 after wanting to further her work in the local community.

    With a background in digital media and campaigning, she enjoys harnessing the power of social media to incite positive change. This is something she hopes to develop even further in her role as Marketing and Communications Manager at the Young Ealing Foundation.

  • Hana Ali
    Hana Ali
    Membership Administrator
  • Yevgeni Zajecs
    Yevgeni Zajecs
    Research Intern

    Yegeni joined The Young Ealing Foundation in July 2021 as a part of University of West London's Graduate Internship scheme. He chose Young Ealing Foundation because it presented him with an opportunity to give back to the community that he had lived in for over 4 years.

    A recent graduate of Psychology, Yevgeni is passionate about helping people and learning new things. He has extensive experience in customer service, as a teaching assistant as well as in S.E.N.D. roles.

Young People's Foundations

We are proud members of the YPF Network that has been developed in response to the ongoing challenges facing the Children and Young People’s sector.
Young People’s Foundations (YPF’s) bring together the public, private and voluntary sectors to effect positive change for young people.
Together we share a common goal – to help create and champion a more impactful, co-ordinated and sustainable sector to ensure all children and young people have access to quality support and opportunities.
Based in our local communities, each YPF’s services are based on the needs and assets of our area.
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