Cultural Competency Pledge

Our Pledge

Young People’s Foundations work with and support diverse communities. Our member organisations are grassroots non-profits supporting young people in our communities. Many of these organisations are led by global majority groups. As YPFs we work with our members to elevate their work and voices.

We recognise the impact of poverty and racism on our communities. We aim to work actively alongside communities rather than ‘doing to them’ and take an intersectional approach. We also acknowledge the additional impact of discrimination experienced by women, disabled people and LGBT++ people of the global majority.

As YPFs, we have a shared commitment to developing a culturally competent approach across our network. This involves working within our respective YPFs with our teams, trustees, member and partner organisations as well as a collective across our YPFs.

This means ensuring that:

  • our diverse communities are represented in our organisations and structures
  • we design programmes that deliver and represent the needs of our diverse communities
  • we support, develop, advocate and work in partnership with global majority people and organisations throughout our networks.