Volunteer of the Year


Volunteer of the Year

This award is for an individual who has made an active and significant contribution to the community via volunteering within the past 12 months, who has demonstrated responsibility and accountability, and taken pride in their volunteering to make a real difference to young people and their communities.

How to nominate

Simply download the nomination form below and email it over to Yevgeni@youngealingfoundation.org.uk by Sunday 5th June.

You can nominate as many people as you like, for as many categories you like. You can even nominate yourself! The only rule is that if you're nominating a young person, they must live, work or study in Ealing. If you're nominating an organisation or project, it must be for work they are doing in Ealing. Please also just submit one nomination per form.

Got a question? Get in touch with Yevgeni@youngealingfoundation.org.uk who will be happy to help.

Nomination Form